From your feedback I get the impression that the Intravenus Project has a visibility problem. If you don’t use DeviantArt, there is no way to find my pictures. And that is kind of bad. I don’t think one of the models I’ve worked with even knew what DeviantArt was when we discussed where the pictures would end up. 

I was about to launch a site based on tumblr when the bad news about tumblr going sfw hit. So is there really another place with a large community where the Intravenus Project could go?

What you and I created is here seems to be a pretty special niche. I keep hearing from supporters that they usually don’t follow adult photography projects, they are more into graphic and animation artists. A little bit like a cosplay site, just without any known characters. Which is kind of cool if you think about it.

But how to reach that audience? Any ideas?

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