It’s the end of the year again and what a year it was! Usually this is the time when I muse why so many patrons left recently and what it means for the direction of the Project. This year is different – my dashboard says that support is stable. This makes me happy.

If you ask me to summarize this year in one word it is “draining”. Although there were (and are) long stretches of (so-called) lockdown, I can count the days I worked from home on one hand. Work is still piling up at my day job and I’m counting the days until my vacation starts (it’s five days by the way).

It will be a very lonely turn of the year in my little self-imposed quarantine, but it’s better than risking making what is left of my family sick. I recently started streaming some nostalgic horror games on Twitch to reconnect to old friends. Originally I set up this whole streaming thing for the Project, but it’s super-hard to find a time slot that works across time zones.

I’m pretty content with the creative output of the Project in 2020. A watcher on DA even found the perfect summary of what I do here – eerie tech eroticism. It’s in the Patreon description now. 

But what is your opinion? What are your wishes for the Intravenus Project in 2021?

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