Hello and welcome to all the new Patrons that have joined in February. Here are the plans for the next month.

  • New photoset “Electric Angel” will be uploaded on Monday (04/03/2019), it contains 33 images and 3 desktop wallpapers
  • It will be presented alongside a story segment in the new showcase format. If you don’t care for story, you can still just press a button and download everything in a single ZIP file
  • I will keep converting more of the old photosets to the showcase format so that story and images are finally in one place
  • A few more interesting shots and desktop wallpapers will be added as extra content to the “Ego Eris” photoset
  • There is going to be a poll about which of 3 possible photosets you want to see next month
  • I will publish a quick guide about influences and backstory of the Intravenus Project

As you might have noticed the old “Early Bird” tier is gone and there is a new $1 entry tier, the “Observer”. This is for everyone who feels like supporting the Project without going all out. There is no access to photosets and videos, but “Observers” can still participate in polls on Patreon and join the discussion on Discord.

Before I forget it, in March there will also be the first sponsored photoshoot, so I can deliver on the two commissions I have accepted. Very excited how this will turn out.

I will keep you updated. Have a good time!

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