After spending the last years hunched over my notebook screen I decided to finally get a new workstation. I feel a little bad spending money on new gear even though my old notebook technically still works, but it was time.   I usually build a machine with my own components, but I could get a good leasing deal with some deferred compensation plan. Taxes are magic. 

My old “Schokibook” (named for the chocolate brown color) has to be about 6 years old now. I got it in 2012 or 2013, a few months after I lost my job. It was a gift from my grandma so I could job-hunt in style. And although it had some quirks from the start it was always a fine workhorse.

The new setup will help a lot with further improving picture quality as the new monitor has a much better color fidelity compared to the laptop screen. I like to think of this one as a gift from you – my supporters on Patreon. So – thank you!

And as you can see it’s ready for finishing the July photoset. Hope you’ll like the “Dream of Lights and Bass” as much as I do.

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