Second shooting with model SarahB. The first story line will most likely be the first release of September.

It will be about social media influencer and aspiring model Lirika Kaiser. This character is on a tour sponsored by Natural Synthetics, a major shareholder of the Intravenus Project. She stays in Project HQ when virus season hits and gets some science done.

There is actually a little bit more to this concept. A few months ago I was pretty down about my photos only getting a handful of views and likes on the social medias. I wondered – are there other ways to bring people into the world of the Project?

The idea that interested me the most was to tell show the world through the lens of a Participant. A young woman with a small profile on a social media platform that posts photos and videos every few days from inside Project Headquarters, taking part in tests, witnessing plot points from the sidelines. Small puzzle pieces.

In the end I decided that the interactions I have with my active supporters on Discord, DA and other platforms are all I need to keep going. So this is just a small tribute.

What do you think about that alternative idea to show the world of the Project?

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