Maybe you can remember me talking about the Dropboxalypse in November. Most releases of the Intravenus Project are currently as mini-websites hosted on a service called Dropbox Showcase. Dropbox is shutting down Showcase at the end of this month and while no images will be lost the minisites will no longer be available.

Despite of pleas by users of this service Dropbox has just stopped talking with customers about it. It’s really frustrating. Alternatives are either lacking important features or cost more than my whole Dropbox subscription every month. Time is running out fast.

What what I need to do is completely rethink and rebuild my homepage. I will focus the remaining time on creating an index like the current release list. Three items for each release: A snapshot of the minisite, the story as a text file and a link to the folder with the images. 

Then? Nuke the old website from orbit and build something fresh and new and cool. What exactly? All ideas welcome.

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