Do we have a plan for upcoming weeks and months? Of course we do. Usually I do not talk so much about what is next because, well, I usually don’t plan so far ahead. But with a lot of storylines coming to a conclusion and some kind of season finale I want to tell you what to expect.

Please keep in mind that is is the plan that I have today. If I get hit by divine inspiration or if a client ask for a custom photoset it is possible that I’ll have to rewrite or at least rearrange things.

[August] What happens in Core 4… (1×23)

First part of a two-parter completing the storyline of participant R3-NG3 / P4-DM4. We also get to know more about the notorious incident in Core 4 which has been referenced in previous episodes.

[September] A Dream of Barcodes and Lasers (1×24) 

Part three of the “A Dream of…” trilogy. What is the last dream that Mileya will tell Doctor Fischer? 

 [October] …stays in Core 4 (1×25)  

Another storyline concluded in part 2 of the August photoset.

 [November] Tethered Wonderland / Tethered Underland (1×26)  

Doctor Fischer tells Mileya the rest of the story of how she ended up working for the Intravenus Project. And how Leonie Fischer died!? Things are getting confusing.

  [December] Mysterious Season Finale (1×27-??)  

To rescue participant K1-R4 Mileya needs to reawaken the “robot girl” M1L-3Y4 inside her mind. 

All the little previews are work-in-progress, No shooting has been done for the season finale, yet. I want it to be spectacular and that requires careful planning. And saving up a little money.

What do you think about the plan? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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