¬†As the Corona pandemic is still raging on it is still uncertain when the planned shootings will actually take place. Things are slowly opening up again here in Germany, at the same time I’m pretty sure there will be a second wave incoming as people seem to have a hard time following the rules.

The 1st of May is May Day or Labour Day in Germany, a national holiday and usually celebrated with some heavy partying in public places. Even with most of the festivities cancelled, like the famous Mayday Rave Party, people will most likely gather somewhere to get their fair chance for an infection.

Here at the Intravenus Project it will be the May of Many Media. The plan is as follows.

Week 18 – “Become As Gods” – Illustration
Week 19
– “Leave all of this behind” – Video | “Maintenance” – Spoken Short Story
Week 20 – Two remastered videos, based on episodes 9 and 21
Week 21 – A fresh photo set, unless Corona regulations won’t allow shootings to take place

(all calendar weeks ISO 8601)

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