Finally done editing the pictures for the July photo story, phew. Now just writing and layout and I can release it. Release will be the middle of next week. Phew, what a bizarre time.

I got my second vaccine shot today and it already feels kind of nice to finally have a shield against the negligence of the people around me. Not expecting any serious side effects.

Also – new toys! Did some experiments with print-out tattoos and so far they work as well as the pre-printed ones I used before.

 It’s a little more work, but it’s also the easiest way to make custom fake futuristic tattoos and introduce some continuity, like certain characters always having the the same kind of barcode / semacode tattoo.


This is the patient monitor I ordered from Wish. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this investment. 

Very excited about all the nice things that can be done with this.

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