“It does not matter which kind of place I find myself in. She’s always there. On the sidelines. Observing. Judging.”

A short update for you good people. The workload at my day job is insane right now and while I technically I have a couple of days off now it will be a special kind of stress, too.

My mother is visiting for the first time since I moved here. I will most likely spend the weekend doing some spring cleaning so the place is ready for visitors on Monday. Don’t get me wrong, we get along pretty well nowadays. I just don’t have the slightest idea what to do with a visitor that stays a whole week. Well, maybe 10-20 hours of sleep will clear my brain.

In the header you see another shot of Samantha Fukada from the July photo set. I will do my best to release that one as soon as I can. In other news I have commissioned an updated logo for the Intravenus Project. You can already see it in my profile header on DeviantArt and in the promo video on Patreon,


I think it looks pretty nice. A little retro, a little sinister. What is your opinion on it?

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