In February 2009 I made the first announcement about switching to a new service to send out photosets to the supporters of the Intravenus Project.

The Showcase app by the cloud backup service Dropbox allowed me to neatly arrange photos and text as illustrated short stories. You may think that is nothing special. Every basic blog allows doing that. What made it work so well for me was how it fit into my workflow.

Every file associated with the Project is uploaded to Dropbox eventually.  It’s starts after I say goodbye to the model. Create a new work folder on my hard drive. Dump the contents of all the memory cards there. Add a scan of the model release. Then store everything in a huge 7ZIP file and sync both the folder and the archive to the Dropbox cloud backup. Same thing with edited pics. It’s all already there when I want to combine and present it to you. 

Recently Dropbox announced that it will drop the Showcase app at then end of January 2021.  That is inconvenient, yes. But I get it. It doesn’t really fit into their product portfolio and must be a hassle to maintain.

What really frustrates me is that they chose to do it Google-style. Without replacement. Without tools for migration to other service. Without a way to properly download the existing Showcases. And at the same time being either totally oblivious or ignorant about this being a problem for their customers. By their definition, no content is lost when they shut down the app. By my definition, the combination of photography and text IS the content. 

So yeah, the Dropboxalypse is coming and I need to focus on what is coming next. My current plan is to rebuild the existing Showcases in WordPress on the homepage. Even if it only takes an hour for every release…  wow… that still is more than a week of full-time work to just end up where we started.

If you have any idea how to speed this process up, maybe some Dropbox-integration plugin for WordPress please, please let me know.

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