I’m currently trying to squeeze a more spectacular look out of the video sequences I recorded for “Morning Ritual”. The color-correction tools of my video editor are fine, but what works even better is the Camera RAW Filter in Photoshop.


In principle the next step is simple. Convert the video sequences to image sequences with FFMPEG. Run a predefined Action in Photoshop which applies the Camera RAW filter. Import the video sequences back to Vegas and edit the movie just like before.

So I started out with writing PNG sequences. PNG as a file format is usually a good choice for this choice. It’s 24 bit, lossless and has good compression for a lossless file. A night and a day later I had about 900 gigs of PNG files. Nice.

Turns out that Photoshop takes about forever to write a PNG file in 4K resolution. At first I thought that something was wrong with my Action or it was some kind of memory or cache management problem, but no. It takes nearly a minute. To process a single file. Of 100.000 files. Okay – PC is going to be busy for the next 3 months.

A few tests later I found my current strategy. Write BMP sequences. BMP is an ancient format, introduced is 1990 with Windows 3. No compression at all, so the image sequences are going to eat up terabytes of free space. As a countermeasure I activated compression for that particular folder, Windows itself ihas to save me some space (about 20-30% if I’m lucky).

Now I’m going to need a little luck. Completely out of free disk space Photoshop has to overwrite the source files. If it crashes mid-processing, the manual clean-up is not going to be any fun. XD

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