“Now, relax. You might feel a little prick.”

April is as good as over and it is time to talk about what awaits in May. In the world of the Intravenus Project the Project Headquarters are still under lockdown. Although Lirika Kaiser is not a regular test subject she is slowly getting used to her unintended guest performance as Participant L1R-1K4.

Due to recent developments the experimental exotek implant she received as a child has to undergo in-depth analysis. A procedure supervised by Chief Engineer Fukada, who also has to adapt to a new life situation.

Do I love my little technophile telenovela? Oh yes, I do.

Regarding my day job the first two weeks of May will basically be a rerun of this month, training new employees for my day job. Instead of Berlin I will be sent to Essen this time, the secret capital of the most densely populated region of Germany, only a few kilometers from my hometown.

As “The World Retreats” will be a rather large story combining material from several shoots it will be finished and released after I come back from my business trip.

The wait is too long? Maybe you’d like to check out our Discord community server to shorten it. It’s open to anyone interested. 

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