It used to be common folk wisdom to not talk about your political beliefs as a content creator for fear of losing fans and supporters. To be honest – after the news of what is basically armed insurrection in the United States I am willing to take one for the team.

I’m not in the US, I live in Germany, in the heart of Europe. As a german citizen I could just shrug it off and say that all of this is happening far, far away from home – but is it really?

QAnon in Germany has the largest following in the non-English-speaking world (source) and their crude conspiracy theories are just the same anti-Semitic tropes that have been popular in Europe for centuries.  We already had our share of protestors trying to get into our parliament building.

Let me make it clear. If you won’t say that you are against fascists without hesitation, I am not sure we can be friends anymore. 

There is no peaceful coexistence with fascists. It is your very existence that enrages them. You are the one dividing society. Complicating everything. If you would just respect our inhuman views. Why won’t you support us in your discrimination? Stop the violence! Just disappear!

Now why is there an Antifa logo in the header of this post? Isn’t that some domestic terror group running around burning cars? Not really.

It is the thumbnail of a 2017 video essay called The Philosophy of Antifa by actor and philosopher Oliver Thorne. It is a good starting point to cut through the propaganda and to remind us that everyone can oppose fascism when we can stop both-siding us to death.

It’s an hour well spent. Enjoy.

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