Good news for all of my backers who have trouble finding the back catalog of exclusive content. All 24 mainline photo sets have been converted to the Dropbox Showcase format with the photos nicely arranged with the story bits. I’ve compiled all of them in an Episode Guide that I will link to a lot in future posts. 

So what took me so long? At first I thought it would only be a quick copypasta job of gathering all the little text fragments in the uploads on DeviantArt. Then I realized that some of those story bits were incomplete with the picture posts just featuring a rough synopsis of the topic of the photo set. A lot of rewriting had to be done to make all the pieces fit.

With that job done I started some late spring cleaning in my public portfolio on DeviantArt. The main gallery used to be a mess of images without context, not really attractive to new viewers. After some experimenting I emptied the whole gallery by moving everything to a subfolder and started from scratch. My goal s to only show a few representative images on DA that work without the story structure. and keep the whole story exclusive to my supporters here on Patreon.

Do you think that change is okay or is it unfair to the people who follow my posts on DeviantArt and can’t / won’t support the Project here?

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