The first birthday of the Project is approaching fast so it’s time for the Early Bird phase to end. The $2-tier of the same name will go away on February 25th.

There will be no changes for existing Early Bird Supporters. The tier will just vanish from the list and new supporters are going to need to choose the $7-tier to get access to high-res photosets and other Patreon-exclusive bonus content.

To be honest, there wasn’t really much demand for this tier anyway. Most people with interest in keeping the Project afloat would choose the $7-tier regardless of the Early Bird offer, which I’m really happy about. But I also don’t want to keep anyone out with only a small budget to support artists. So I’ve also opened up a few more slots and trust there isn’t going to be mass-exodus to the $2-tier until the offer runs out.

Plans for Commissions!

I want to offer more ways for you to interact with the Project. People have been demanding commissions (custom-made content) as an additional way to grow the Project for ages. I used to be really against the concept and I can tell you why.

Turning an idea into a video photoset involves a lot of negotiation. A pen is not very likely to refuse an idea you want to draw. But the model that is supposed to take part in the little fantasy may. The model may even stop responding to your messages if she finds your idea kind of icky. There is also very little room for revisions. As soon as the shooting itself is done the content of the SD-card is not going to change anymore. Of course we can always talk about trying different approaches in post-procession, like adjusting the framing or the colors.

To avoid most of those pitfalls I’ve come up with the following approach.

  • There will only be limited creative control in a commission. I reserve the right to refuse a request for any reason.
  • The price of a commission would need to cover base cost like studio rent and model fee, but also extra cost like props or CG. Props will remain in the possession of the Project for further shootings.
  • The price of a commission would have to be paid in advance. There might be exceptions for regulars.
  • The commission would include non-exclusive access to a certain number of full-res edited images. Meaning that the photoset will be published as regular content on the Project.

Once I have more details about how commissions will work, prices, etc. I’ll be sure to post an announcement here. ¬†What do you think about this approach so far? Do you think it’s fair?

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