First of all – thanks to the select few who keep on supporting the Project. Somehow I have yet to find my audience on Patreon. Maybe I’m just impatient. On the other hand, maybe I’m just asking for too much and for the wrong reasons.

As I’ve written before I’m transitioning to a new job position which needs me to move to a new city in the eastern part of Germany. Since I’ll need to reorganize anyway it might be a good time to prepare a relaunch of the Intravenus Project, too. Depending on the size of my new place I might be able to build a real home studio instead of trashing the living room with each shooting. I’ll need to find models to work with. And since thew position pays a little better than my old one I might be able to keep the Project alive without betting on future Patreon success too much.

In the end my main motivation is not about making a profit with my photography. My main motivation is about shaking off the shame that used to come with expressing the things I find attractive, to give my technophile kink a place in my life and maybe make it easier for some young me out there – daydreaming about beautiful women living in symbiosis with futuristic technology and having a bad self-perception because of it. This younger me might even be ashamed to “throw away” that kind of money in support of his (or her) “perverted ideas”.

So what do you think about me following the example other Patreon artists, opening the tiers to a wider audience, starting somewhere between $1 – $3 a month? 

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