This month’s photo set includes a little nod to Demon Seed – a novel by horror author Dean Koontz published in 1973. I always had mixed feelings about the author and his work.

It was kind of amazing that such an influential writer got a control fetish story published. It had a mighty computer manifesting as a robot-tentacle being, taking control of a rich ¬†hikikomori womans’ house, mind and body. It even got adapted into a movie.

In the 1990ies he wrote a revised version of Demon Seed, replacing the robot-tentacle being with an AI impersonating celebrities and a kind of cyborg person. It’s a fine book. It just feels… less like a control fetish story? I guess at a certain point in his life Koontz just decided he didn’t want to be the author of such stories anymore.¬†

So if you are interested in the book – make sure to get the 1973 version.

Stay home and stay safe!

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