Another short progress report for the May release. 172 images edited, story outline done. To allow myself some extra leeway in connecting future storylines I will shoot some additional pictures with model Felice Siana in the upcoming week.

In the story it is a short exchange between her character Mileya Nagy and model Miyu’s character Kagami Fukada. We will use the rest of the session testing a few props, not sure if it will be enough material for another release, yet.

For some sneak peeks, check out #project_discussion on our Discord server. Please be patient with me, I think it will be worth the way. 

* The picture in the header is unrelated, it’s from a 2018 story with Felice.
**  Yes, I really need to release a character / story guide for people new to the Patreon. It will be the next thing after this release is out.

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