Testing a new recipe for making slime. It’s simple and it works really well, so  I’m sharing it with you. 

Only two ingredients, guar gum and borax. Mixing ratio is 100:1, for 10l of slime you need about 100g of guar gum and about 1g of borax.  It’s a little bit like using instant pudding mix. 

First dissolve the borax in a seperate bowl in a little bit of water. Then dissolve the guar gum bit by bit in the rest of the water. Let both parts rest for a few minutes. Then pour the borax solution in the mix of guar gum and water. After a few seconds the liquid will turn into slime.

To get the black tar-like slime you see in the video I added a few spoons of activated char coal to the mix of guar gum and water.  I also used used a hand blender to distribute the black powder evenly before applying the borax solution.

The slime should be safe to swallow unless you consume it in large quantities. What do you think about the result?

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