A little end-of-June update from the Intravenus Project. I have a vlog prepared, but I currently lack the energy to edit it. June has been a seriously sucky (is this a word?) month and I feel like oversharing a little bit. Next video update will just be extra-long, then.

I’m usually the calmest guy around as nature has blessed me with an enormous amount of patience. But I’ve been in an anxious mood the whole month and with my chronic sinusitis flaring up again I had problems keeping my emotions in check. 

Avoiding responsibility lead to some less than spotless behavior at my day job. The following falling out with my boss has left me first angry, then frustrated and ultimately just emotionally drained. 

When you take Enttäuschung, the german word for disappointment, and translate it back to english literally you end up with dis-illusion. That’s what I feel at the moment. Seriously, what is a dis-appointment even supposed to be? This language makes no sense.

So yeah, while reflecting on this I stumbled upon the TED talk of Jonny Sun and was suddenly reminded what I’m doing this project for.


Indeed. It’s all about finding connections in the vast void of the internet. And that’s what I need to focus on. I’m not married to my day job and don’t need my boss to love me. Moving on.

A quick update on “A Dream of Lights and Bass” bonus content. I recorded some video of this session and my original plan was to have it cut and rendered by now. Thing is that I have a new workstation that I have to set up before I can finish the video. The heat wave over Europe also doesn’t help. Germany recorded its highest-ever June temperature at 38.6 degrees Celsius (101.5 Fahrenheit). Wow. 

So I’m concentrating on getting the July photoset ready before I get back to the video. I hope that’s alright with everyone.

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